Albin and Associates Accounting and Tax Services

  • Paperless, internet-based CPA Services

    • We employ the most advanced methods of electronic document transfer and storage. Our clients enjoy 24-hour access to their files, as well as the ability to share controlled access to lending institutions.
    • Encryption is by far the superior method of file management, especially when compared with mailing paper documents, or storing documents unsecured in your home or office. E-filing allows instant transmission of your returns, no postage, and no receipt tracking. E-deposit and e-withdrawal eliminate missing or lost checks.
    • Many financial institutions operate in a paperless environment. Albin Accounting can retrieve data and eliminate repetitive steps, saving time and fees.
  • Individual income tax returns, tax planning and tax preparation

    • Albin and Associates Accounting prepares any and all necessary federal and state tax returns for individual and business taxpayers. We create a secure, encrypted portal for you to upload your documents.
  • Financial statement preparation

    • Money is the very heart of business. It is imperative that management has a current and accurate accounting of the business's financial activities. Properly prepared financial statements provide that information.
    • Financial statements provide the company's management with information that will assist them with current managerial decisions, future projections and income tax implications. As the years pass, old financial statements provide historical data that gives management a clear understanding of their industry and helps them recognize trends, maximizing future profits. Albin and Associates Accounting recognizes the professional responsibility to prepare financial statements that provide this vital information. We commit to our clients, and thus often become a key component of the planning team.
  • Gift and estate tax planning

    • With the right gift tax strategy, it is possible during a single tax year to give a gift that exceeds the annual gift maximum threshold without paying gift tax. However, it requires advanced planning. This area of taxation is volatile, with constant and numerous tax law changes. Planning is an ongoing process of developing a tax strategy and continuously reevaluating that strategy. It is essential to compliance with gift and estate tax code changes.
    • Albin and Associates Accounting works closely with our clients and their legal advisors to ensure their assets are protected with the best possible decisions. Our goal is to help our clients retain as much as possible of their hard-earned wealth for the benefit of their family and future generations.
  • Monthly and quarterly accounting engagements

    • As a business owner, it is imperative that you have the most current and accurate financial data on your business operations, information vital to your business decisions.
    • Albin and Associates Accounting provides accurate and relevant financial data, bringing focus to all aspects of your business activities. Through our financial analysis, we help you make informed financial decisions.
    • Accurate data allows you to make informed managerial decisions, evaluate business operations and develop strategic tax planning.
  • Entity selection planning — critical tax issues concerning business organization

    • Albin and Associates Accounting advises entrepreneurs to consult not only their attorney but also their accountant before beginning a business venture. While the attorney can advise on how the business should be organized to address legal issues, Albin and Associates Accounting can provide insight into taxation for the various entities. The taxation ramifications are extremely different as applied to a C corp, an S corp, an LLC or a sole proprietorship.
    • There are also significant tax reasons a particular business should not be organized in certain entity structures. Albin and Associates Accounting wants to ensure that our clients are not only organized to protect themselves in the legal environment, but also structured to minimize their tax obligations. We work diligently with our clients' attorneys on an ongoing basis to ensure that both legal and tax matters are considered when making business decisions.
  • E-filing through secure portal upload

    • You can send your information to us through the secure, encrypted portal on our site. You should never send private information through ordinary email. We will e-file your return, and you can elect to have the IRS do direct deposit. We accept credit card payment. Our online portal allows our clients who move or travel for business to have access without the burden of face-to-face appointments. Once your work is underway, you are contacted to interact by both email and phone.
  • IRS Audit Representation

    • Albin and Associates Accounting can provide representation before the IRS, facilitate tax settlements with the taxing authorities, or arrange an IRS payment plan. These are vital services we work diligently to provide in order to protect our clients' financial interests.
  • Quarterly employer payroll tax reporting and annual wage statements

    • Albin and Associates Accounting can provide a cost saving with what is known as “postfacto payroll service,” preparation of quarterly and annual payroll reports required by federal and state taxing authorities. We also guide our clients in submitting the payroll reports. This service is ideal for small businesses that prefer to save the fees charged by large payroll services, and instead calculate and issue their own employee payroll checks. Albin and Associates Accounting receives the payroll register and does the rest. This includes calculating the payroll tax deposit and informing the employer of tax payment due dates to avoid penalties.
    • We provide guidance beyond simple payroll preparation. We analyze the event and provide the business owner with the appropriate and strategic salary solution that takes best advantage of the current tax code.
  • Divorce Asset Allocation

    • Unfortunately, most people going through the process of divorce rarely consult with their tax accountant before signing a legally binding contract of divorce, which has a significant impact on future personal finances and taxation. A cold, hard reality of divorce is that it primarily has to do with "asset allocation" between two persons. The terms of divorce can be negotiated, but most people leave it to the attorneys to decide their financial fate. In addition to guidance from professional legal counsel, the assistance of an experienced tax professional can be invaluable. Providing pertinent financial and tax data to our client and his or her attorney can help effect a satisfactory settlement.
    • It is our professional responsibility to advise our clients on the tax implications of various financial decisions to help protect them from unexpected consequences. Albin and Associates Accounting believes it is essential that clients be fully informed, and that they understand the tax and financial consequences of the negotiated terms of divorce.
  • Family Businesses and Family Trusts

    • Albin and Associates Accounting has extensive experience with trusts, family trusts and family businesses. We clearly explain the benefits and drawbacks of methods of asset transfers between generations. Within families there can be dynamics that make properly handling issues important not only financially but also personally. This is when it is critical that a client's family relationships be considered as part of overall planning. Additionally, this foresight can save a family business so that it can prosper for generations to come.

Individual taxpayers often need professional tax return preparation and, sometimes, representation before the IRS regarding a previously filed tax return. Albin and Associates Accounting is here to help.

Business taxpayers can require bookkeeping services and/or compiled financial statement preparation, or assistance in preparing quarterly employers payroll tax reports. We can help with these and the computation of the payroll tax liability. Is your business faced with a difficult decision that will have a material impact on its profitability? We can help sort through the quagmire and bring focus to the important aspects of the decision. Our professional analysis of the problem makes the decision an easier one after the important components are identified and examined. Consult with us; you don't have to make these decisions alone.

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